Lectures and invited speakers


*K.Itoh(NIFS) Turbulence and transport in magnetized plasmas
*N.Yokoi(Univ. Tokyo) Turbulence in space plasmas
T.H.Watanabe(NIFS) Kinetic plasma turbulence and transport in phase space
M.Lesur(Kyushu Univ.) Phase space density granulations and subcritical growth in Vlasov systems


*K.Shibata(Kyoto Univ.)Reconnection is Solar plasmas
*Y.Ono(Univ. Tokyo) Review of reconnection heating experiments
H.K.Park(POSTECH) 2D and 3D ECE Imagings of Tokamak Plasmas
M.Yamada(PPPL) Recent development in reconnection research
M.Inomoto(Univ. Tokyo)Laboratory Experiments of Plasmoid Reconnection
C.Z.Cheng(NCKU)Plasmoid Reconnections in Space and Sun
X.G.Wang(Peking Univ.)Magnetic Reconnection in Magnetotail, Anti-Parallel and Component
A.Ishizawa(NIFS)Theory of resonant MHD instabilities/Fluid theory of reconnecting instabilities

Wave interaction

*M.Hoshino(Univ. Tokyo)Particle Acceleration in Plasma Universe
*Y.Sakawa(Osaka Univ.)Laboratory astrophysics studies using intense lasers
K.Tanaka(Osaka Univ.)Laser Relativistic Self-focusing and its Applications
R.Kodama(Osaka Univ.)Extreme States of Matters Created Using Various Lasers


*C.Forest(Wisconsin Univ.) Laboratory studies of dynamos phenomena
*F.Cattaneo(Chicago Univ.) Angular momentum transport in cylindrical annulus
H.Ji(PPPL) Review of MRI Experiments: H.Ji
H.Li(LANL) Astrophysical Jets as a Plasma Physics Laboratory
T.Yokoyama(Univ. Tokyo)Convections and Dynamos in the Solar Interior: T.Yokoyama
J.L.Han(NAO/CAS)Magnetic fields in interstellar medium

Momentum transport

*K.Ida(NIFS) Angular momentum transport and intrinsic rotation in laboratory plasma
*Y.Masada(Kobe Univ.) Angular momentum transfer in solar differential rotation
R.Matsumoto(Chiba Univ.) Physics of Accretion Discs
W.H.Ko(NFRI) Intrinsic rotation and torque on KSTAR tokamak

Self organization

*K.Kusano(Nagoya Univ.) Self-organization and nonlinear MHD in solar and laboratory
*Y.S.Hwang(SNU) Current-drive and startup of ST plasmas
Z.Gao(Tsinghua Univ.) RF Startup of Spherical Tokamak Plasmas

Other topic

R.Ishikawa(NAJO) Variety of fundamental MHD processes revealed with the Hinode satellite
M.Goto(NIFS) Study of fusion plasma in terms of spectroscopy and atomic processes in LHD

* Lecture